NetworkSanz 2017  By Indigen
We encourage talented students and young pro- fessional to participate in our internships abroad programs.  Not  only  does  this  provide  interna-tional  experience  for  host  companies  but  also provides professional development for interns.

1° Recruit and Screen the best profiles by:

* Work experience, academic background and references.
*    Language proficiency
*   Technical  skills  and  willingness  to  comply with the hosts expectations

2°  Assist  committed  interns  with  a  job  offer  by arranging  their  work  abroad  program.  This  include:  assistance  with  visa  procedures,  travel insurance,  technical  skills  with  language,  accommodation  and  information  about  visa regulations.

3°  Give  them  cultural  immersion  tools  for  their arrival.

We  are  an  international  exchange  organization based in Argentina and New Zealand.  Our mis- sion  is  to  enhance  personal  and  professional skills  for  living  in  a  globally  interdependent  and culturally  diverse  world  through  cultural  exchange programs.

An experienced, professional international team ensuring an outstanding result.

In  10  years,  more  than  800  youth  have  been learning,  working  and  enjoying  our  programs and  building  great  relationships  with  their mates, host companies and universities. 

Exchange knowledge and ideas
Develop profesional skills
Bring new connections

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